After a 3 year hiatus from updating this blog….I’m back. Several months ago, I discovered Ethereum, which has rekindled my slightly unhealthy love affir with crypto-currencies. I’ve been neck-deep in the yellow paper, had lots of fun meeting the community at devcon3, and have a whole slew of new ideas for the blog. Hope you enjoy the new content, I’m super excited to be back :)

Starting with the basics, here’s an ethereum version of my most popular bitcoin post; the Graphical Address Generator.

Note: This is not the most secure way to generate a private key…please don’t use it for production.

Generate Private Key

1. Private key is 256 random bits.

Generate Public Key

= *
2. Multiply the private key by the elliptic curve generator point to get the public key. The public key is a point on the elliptic curve and has x and y coordinates.
x =
y =
3. Concatenate the x and y coordinates of the public key, and ccompute a Keccak256 hash.
4. Take the last 20 bytes, add "0x" to the front, and you have an Ethereum address :)