• The Button

    Last person who presses the button wins the pot!

  • SolClub

    SolClub is an ethereum backed social club. Dapps work better when they have a community of users behind them, and I'd like SolClub to be the foundational "user account" layer for all the Dapps that I build. Welcome :)

  • Reddithereum

    A smart contract which stores an ethereum backed user database of reddit accounts. It supports profit sharing and implements karma as an ERC20 token.

  • Graphical Ethereum Address

    How are Ethereum Addresses Created?

  • Btc-PGP

    Because email encryption has been on the minds of many during the past year and a half, and GPG has recently released a “modern” version of their email encryption software supporting elliptic curve cryptography, I thought it would be fun to combine PGP encrypted email with the bitcoin blockchain.

  • Testnet Faucet API

    Testnet is an almost-exact clone of bitcoin, except the bitcoins on testnet are valueless (the testnet blockchain resets every once in a while). It's much smaller than the bitcoin block chain, and allows developers (and beta testers) to test out apps without the risk of losing money if something goes wrong. I've provided an API which lets you transfer testnet bitcoins to an address of your choosing.

  • Deconstructing Transactions

    Today we learn how bitcoin transactions are made. Transactions are the heart of bitcoin, and learning about their inner workings illuminates many of the mysteries and complexities of the rest of the bitcoin system. There are several different types of transactions, but I’ll limit my explanation to the most common type of transaction called “pay to pubkey hash”, which is a fancy way of describing the normal peer to peer transactions which everyone knows and loves.

  • Layman's Guide to Elliptic Curve Digital Signatures

    In preparation for this post, I’ve read several research papers, a book, listened to 4 university lectures, idled away hours on IRC, developed elliptic curve libraries in 2 seperate languages, and built my own elliptic curve graphing framework. Elliptic curve cryptography is hard to wrap your head around. As one of the fundamental crypto systems making Bitcoin a “crypto”-currency, I really wanted to understand the underlying technical aspects which make this form of cryptography secure. This post is an attempt to demystify the elliptic curve digital signing algorithm which underlies bitcoin’s psuedo-anonymous identity system.

  • Graphical Address Generator

    Gaze into the inner workings of a bitcoin address.

  • Tutorial - Address Generation

    In this tutorial, we’ll be creating our own Bitcoin addresses in Ruby. The easy way uses the bitcoin-ruby gem, but this doesn’t teach us much; so we’ll do it ourselves using only basic hashing and an elliptic curve cryptography libraries.

  • About Royal Fork

    A “royal fork” is a chess tactic where a single piece attacks the opponent’s king and queen simultaneously.